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The continuing education unit at the College of Engineering organized a scientific seminar about Work and Problems of
The continuing education unit organized a scientific lecture  regarding food supplements and their role in
Assistant Professor Dr. Aram Mohammed Raheem, the Faculty member of Civil Engineering Department at the College of
A collaborative study between the University of Kirkuk and University of Houston has been published recently in one of
Journal of Discontinuity , Nonlinearity  and Complexity thanked and appreciated Dr. Adham Abdulwahab Ali , a
The head of the  students  activities department who is a lecturer at the College of Physical Education and
Prof. Dr. Ammar Qahtan Shaanon Al-Alawi is one of the teaching staff of the College of Agriculture at the University of
The European Journal of Middle East Studies selects Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sameer Mohammed from the College of Law and

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