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A faculty member from the University of Kirkuk participates in the discussion of a master's thesis at the University of Samarra

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A faculty member in the College of Education for Pure Sciences, Dr. Adel Ali Haidar, participated as a member in the discussion of a master's thesis for student Fadel Rahim Ali in the College of Education at Samarra University. A faculty member mentioned that the message was tagged "The most important pests of the tomato crop and the predators associated with it in the Dujail district of Salah al-Din Governorate." It aimed to demonstrate the efficiency of predators, especially ladybirds, in reducing the numbers and losses of the pest by preying on large numbers of them, as well as the efficiency of white pheromone traps after attracting large numbers of females of these two pests and depriving them of mating and producing new individuals.

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